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Hi, you can call me Silver Morrah. I have been in the IT field some few years but there is this higher and eager desire to make it big, to push up limits and attend higher mounts. And of course, determination, yeah determination, hardwork, and pretty much the people around me are doing so really good. I am a graduate of IPMC RingRoad. Software Designer and a Network engineer (CCNA). And there is this young smiling guy that I often looked up to in terms of role model (Abou Conde). yeah great guy.  A lot started through him and also Aycam Ducci, another young father of mine always there to push up and keep me in line(lhool). I started working as an IT technician for SEBIF Enterprise, then Innolet Cafe as a technician and cafe attendant, then at Ro-Tech as a software and website Designer and currently working at MultiThread ICT Solutions. And believe me it has always been God, from day one till now and to the end. I am a member of the Qodesh Family Church, QEDESH, a proud son of Bishop DHM, and Bishop Eddy Addy.

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